Qualified Cat sitter and Feline Behaviorist


Cat sitting

Hey, my name is Anja and I’m a professional and experienced Catsitter in the area of Rotterdam-Ommoord, Prinsenland, ‘s-Gravenland,  Nieuw Terbregge and Capelle a/d IJssel Schenkel.

Every cat has its own character and socialization background. Our little housemates all have their own preferences and needs in terms of care, human contact, playing, time outside;  the cat’s stage of life and the length of your absence plays a role as well. That’s why I offer personalised and customized care for your cat(s) at their own territory. I love to hear from you how I can offer your sweetheart(s) a pawsome time in your absence.  If you are interested, I offer a free introductory appointment/intake to meet you and your cat(s), no strings attached. Just text me by whatsapp and I will call you soon to set up an appointment. After my visit you can decide if you want to make a reservation or not. We will go over the terms and conditions during my visit and you can also find them on my website in the Dutch language. All cats must be fully vaccinated and free of parasites.



Every 24 hours I will visit your cats and provide them with fresh water and food and some treats; scoop out the litter box and, if necessary, clean the box and refresh the cat litter, clean around the boxes; play with the cat(s), give attention or cuddle, let the cat have some fresh air in the enclosed garden or balcony under my supervision, letting the cat outside or inside, clean up accidents or preys, and if necessary give oral medication. You will get a short daily update via whatsapp. It is no problem to feed your fish, to care of the houseplants and put your mail out of sight and open/close the curtains. It is possible to borrow a food  puzzles or time adjustable Catmate feeding bowl with 3 compartments.  Take a look at my Wall of Paws here.

Complete visit   (ca. 45 min)
1 Cat € 17,50
2 Cats € 20
3 Cats € 23
4 Cats € 27,50

Cat Behaviorist

In 2014 I graduated as Cat Behaviorist at the Tinley Academy for Animal Behavior and since that time I’ve kept my knowledge up to date by following a lot of additional courses, which you can find overhere. I offer house consultations in the greater Rotterdam/Rijnmond area for:

-inappropriate urination
-inappropriate defecation
-urine spraying/marking behavior
-scratching furniture/destructive behavior
-fear of cats, family, strangers or objects
-cat-cat agression
-cat-human agression (to owner or strangers)
-sudden agression
-avoidance of owner
-introducing a new cat to the home
-attention seeking
-excessive vocalizing
-tension between cats
-kitten consultations
-moving with your cat
-catifying your home
-happiness and welfare

To reverse undesired behavior, I use reward based/positive enforcement therapy methods, no punishment or strong aversive stimuli that will stress your cat out. Stress can exacerbate the problem and cause physical problems such as cystitis or get the cat to spray more often in the house.   I strongly believe you can only get happy cats and happy cat parents by working cat friendly and by giving scientifically based advise.  I offer a free introductory call of approx. 15 minutes to see if and how I can help you during which time I will give you a prognosis of the expected result and a nudge to get your cat in the right direction. Just fill out the contact form on the homepage called Blikopener (Eyeopener) Session or send me a text message via whatsapp and I will get back to you soon.

The Coaching consists of:

-Intake with questionnaire on the history of your cat and the undesired behavior, medical history, floorplan of the cat’s environment with a short video of the undesired behavior
-Home consultation of ca. 75-90 mins. 
-Your personal therapy plan with step-by-step action plan by e-mail
-If needed a brief statement for your vet.
-3 – 4 months coaching with regular contact by phone/whatsapp to evaluate the progress